Calm before the Storm

Not too long ago I asked Adam to take more pictures of me. This a struggle, since I am too vain to like most of my pictures. Yet at the same time, I looked through months of photos with nary a shot of me. And as I've written before, I think it is a shame to not have photos of moms.

Here are the results of one recent photo session, about a week old now.

It is now less than two weeks away, my menstrual due date, July 19. My ultrasound due date is about two weeks off, July 22. In addition to all of that, we find out by Thursday morning if our home sale, pending for these last two weeks, will go through. If so, we have to be moved out of our house by July 23. It's mindblowing - all the change about to happen.

I'm trying to cherish these days of normalcy. Of June still having her regular schedule and being oblivious to everything to come.

Speaking of June, she is very excited about her brother coming and often gives the belly hugs and kisses. He does little kicks and flips in response. I can't wait for these two to meet.


  1. Oh Amy, you are so darling! This post makes me so happy to see you and June looking so similar, except she's not pregnant of course!

    And I know exactly what you mean about wanting photos, but feeling vain about your body. Emery was the hardest to take photos of during those last few weeks. But, vanity aside, you look AMAZING in the photos and especially in person.

    All the warmest of thoughts to the Robinson house during this time of too much house, and as always, never hesitate to call.

  2. This one brought tears to my eyes - best wishes for the birth you want and for the family!

  3. Wow, June really does look like you. I love the top photo of you. It is good to let yourself be photographed sometimes. I need to do it more often. I love the photo of June hugging the belly. So sweet!

  4. hi beautifuls! so excited about all of your upcoming changes and crossing everything that all will go well!

  5. Amy,
    You are glowing and you look awesome! I love the photos of you and June (two brown eyed beauties). You will be glad you had Adam take your picture since your son will ask to see it when he is older. We are all thinking of you and the Robinson household. Today is your brothers 31st birthday. I know he will enjoy this entry. Hugs & Kisses to the entire family. Love, Mom


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