Who are you kid?

Still playing the name game around here.



  1. My vote? Zachary Fox!!!
    can't wait to meet him! (well, in his cocoon)

  2. Awwww, this is too cute! I like Wyatt :)

  3. I would say my favorites are Oliver and Asher, but I just think this baby is a Zachary Fox. :)

  4. There are some great names in the offering. My favorites are:
    Zachary Fox (very manly), William Fox (solid), Charlie Fox (clearly a mans name and it sounds good with Robinson). Fox as a first name might be a case for teasing (sly etc.) Oliver Fox sounds artist. Jackson Fox (Jack) is another to consider. I love the use of family names (Fox). Isn't this fun to share ideas for his name? I can't wait to hug him! Nana Becky

  5. We're still playing this game, but your imagery is great! We have the same dilemma, a middle name we love, but no first name that's just right. _____ Fox Robinson will be a charming young gent, just like ______ Kai Eaves will I hope.

  6. Chris,
    What about Marcus Kai Eaves, Mason Kai Eaves or Lucas Kai Eaves? I think two syllables sounds good with Eaves.

    Amy's Mom Becky

  7. Adam is a great name, it's true.

  8. It's amazing that so many of your names were names we liked too! Chris really liked Asher. I like Zachary Fox for your little guy so far. I agree with Becky that two syllable names sound good with Eaves. Not quite so choppy. I really think names have been THE hardest part for me so far!


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