Sand Box

These photos are from last weekend. We spent a good bit of time outside in the backyard. Enjoying the bloom of flowers. There was something very idyllic and dreamy about it.

June has been becoming ever more independent. She also has been throwing lots of tantrums. We've been giving the warning of "I'm going to do X after a count of 3 if you don't do it first." Counting, and then often on 3 she does what we require. I really don't like discipline. I see how necessary it is, and these past few weeks of setting limits and enforcing them is paying off. But you know, it seems like we get into a rhythm and discipline becomes unnecessary for awhile. Then June starts to push some boundaries, we see where she is trying to take them, and then we have to push back.

Her curiosity for everything is amazing. I love how fascinated she is by just filling a bottle and dumping it out. By playing with bubbles. By watching ants go after a cracker crumb on the ground. Life in all its minutia is interesting to her right now. It's pretty inspiring actually.


  1. It's amazing how something as simple as sand can offer so much wonder. These are such precious photos!

  2. June looks engrossed in play. She is absolutely beautiful!

    Nana loves June xxoo


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