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In light of the discussion of discipline below, I thought I'd share one of June's favorite books. For about 2 weeks now, almost every night she has wanted to read "Annie," which is her nickname for a book about Disobeying that Adam picked up at Bookman's. She loves it. It goes through different scenarios with a 6 or 7 year old girl learning about disobeying/obeying and how it is important to listen to your parents. The book is actually quite heavy handed, but she eats it up. I also think it is nice that it is black and white in perspective because I think it helps her understand it more easily. Despite how smart she is, shades of nuance are hard to convey. This she gets.

Anyway, tonight the book came full circle because we told June she could have half a cookie, but she thought she was getting away with a whole one when we didn't immediately break her cookie in half after she picked it out from the container. When she'd eaten half we had a little showdown. And we reminded her of Annie and how Annie's parents won't let her eat a cookie before dinner. She then said, "But I'm not Annie!" This among other complaints and tactics to get away from having only a half-cookie. What was great about the whole exchange was that her tantrum only lasted a minute and then we all went to play at the park.

Let's hear it for short tantrums!


  1. you MUST email me the title and author of the book! if there is anything we need around here would be shorter tantrums.

    ok... ash is over tantrums, but just in case court decide to start tantrums, maybe that book will help?


  2. Every two year old tests the boundaries. Be consistent and firm and always reinforce with love and affection. Children need to learn it is the behavior that is unacceptable (not the person). A strong will can be a gift when channeled properly. Stay the course.. Oh, the joys of parenting - it is time to read up, there are some great books on the subject for parents and it is great that Adam found a book that June can identify with. She is a Bailey girl for sure.


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