June on March 12, 2009

The pictures in this post were all taken today.

Some little Junie things:
1. She likes to call her special things her "igh cream." She also likes to give me or her Dad or possibly her friends things and say, "this is your igh cream." She does have a little plastic ice cream and she sure knows the real thing and loves it. I just want to remember that things she holds dear she calls igh cream. For example, the other night, she slept with her Snow White counting book because it was her igh cream.

2. I finally saw her do the backwards slide she does. She gets on her belly, feet first, and then goes down. It's awesome!

3. The potty training is slow going. Sometimes up, sometimes down. We went to Portland almost two weeks ago and it was all pull-ups, all the time. For a few days afterwards she wasn't interested in panties. But today she demanded them, and at daycare they said she had gone poo twice in the potty yesterday. Pretty cool! I just don't want to push it, as I think it would just give her a negative attitude about the whole thing.

4. Tonight in the bath we sang to each other about how we loved each other. I thought my heart would melt. June gets more and more loving, all the time. Lots of hugs, kisses, and declarations of affection.

5. She often talks to herself and we hear snippets of her favorite books. She told me she was a zizzer-zazzer-zuzz for instance. Tonight I heard her talking about Teacher, Teacher, What do you see? (Sometimes she calls me Teacher when she comes home from day care. It makes me a little sad, but really, this is how our life is and our day care is a great fit for her.)

6. She still loves music and recently always wants to know the category of music. She also likes to know what instrument is playing. She definitely likes rock 'n roll (the Stones). Her Grandpa will also love that she wants to know where the music is coming from, and then points out all the speakers in a room or car once we tell her. She is slow to catch on to the idea of radio waves, electronic signals, and tuner frequencies, but she'll get it after hanging out with grandpa who is a huge nerd for that stuff. ;)

7. Sleep! Adam has been putting her to bed for at least two months solid. And he has gotten to the point now where he reads to her (I come in for a hug and kiss and sometimes read a book first) and then they turn on the ocean sounds on our clock radio. They turn out the light. She still likes to have her bum patted, so he does that for a few minutes. Then he stands up and stands in the doorway to our room where we have a curtain hanging. He said tonight she actually kicked him out of the room (after he told her he was all done patting) and said, "Stand in the curtain Daddy." She was then asleep a few minutes later.

8. Nursing. Well, we are close to done I think. Most days she likes to check in with the boobies just a little bit. One has been "owie" for a month now and is off limits. The other she likes to "drink" from, but that lasts all of a minute tops. It soothes her. And though Adam thinks I am a total softie, I just don't want weaning to be traumatic. I don't want to deny her and create an obsession. We have a nice balance now, where in the morning she wants a cuddle and nurse for about 5 minutes. In the evening, the same, but shorter. She is distracted and wants to play. I think it is nearly done, this whole process, and I am happy about where we are at with it.

That's all I've got for now.

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  1. I love the smile in that photo of the bath. And the story about singing to eachother! I'm sure I can't even imagine how your heart must melt with things like that. I can't wait.


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