A baby on the way

For some reason or another I have delayed writing this post.

Back in November, I took this photo:

As I type this, my 20 week old baby is kicking away in my tum. It impresses me just how strong the kicks are already.

On Thursday, we go in for our ultrasound.

Tonight, my Dad called me on the phone to tell me he had a dream about the baby. That we were having a girl, and that we named her Renoir. I will post in a few days and we will see if he was right. About the gender, not the name. That will have to wait. I wonder what Adam thinks of Renoir?

We have so many changes coming in our lives. Sometimes I wonder why Adam and I tend to do everything, all at once. (For example, in one 3 month period we got married, went on our honeymoon, moved from Alaska to Tucson, and I started law school.) Perhaps we ought to slow down.

Since becoming pregnant, I've had so many emotions about it. Elation. Excitement. Worry.

I have a very different sense of what I want from my labor.
I feel confident that I can care for a child.
My perspective is so different.

I worry that June will have a difficult time adapting. Or that her personality which I adore will change forever. But I know that having siblings is natural, and I really do feel that giving her a sibling is a great gift.

My curiosity about who this child is is just building and building. I can't wait until Thursday.


  1. I'm so happy for you two, and cannot wait to find out more about your little person!!!

  2. Renoir is an interesting name. I'll be thinking about you today, and hoping that everything is great. Hope to see you soon.

  3. How exciting!! You all must be thrilled. Can't wait to hear who is inside that lovely belly!

  4. having a second does change the first child a bit. they learned that they no longer are the only one for mommy and daddy. however, i find that the love that my oldest have for her sister is just priceless.

    i have that same worry but it quickly went away because having a sibling is the best thing i could have done for my oldest.

  5. I'm catching up on posts.. Congrats on your boy! They are a lot of fun. I'm worried too about how the second child will affect my son, but I know he'll adapt. It's just a question of how difficult the transition will be.


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