It's a boy!

On March 5, we went and had our ultrasound done.

As of today I am 22 weeks along with this pregnancy, and the baby is due July 22.

And as you can see, we are having a boy!

I meant to scan these photos but our scanner has been disconnected for a long time so hopefully these shots capture it.

He did not want to show his face for the camera. I have to go back again next month for another ultrasound so hopefully there will be more pictures to come.

You should've seen Adam's face when the recognition of having a boy washed over it. I loved it. And somehow I felt proud of myself though I don't think that makes any sense.

We are super happy to have a girl and a boy.

And to stave off the next questions, No! We don't have a name yet! But I'll post when we do. :)

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