A year in days :: 11

Twenty-two months:

I am pretty certain my timing is off here, and I've known it from the beginning. This is what happens when you count "zero" as one. But that is okay it just means more pictures and more posts right? Besides, the big birthday post will probably not get published until I get a little quiet time this weekend.

Things are good in these parts. June is happy, falls asleep well with her Dad a lot now. The weather is getting downright cold and she will not wear socks. Or a coat. It is not worth the fight when she gets directly into a warm car, but hopefully she will outgrow this stage before she gets frostbite or something. Or her little feet get any smellier!

Twenty-two month post, here. Eleven month post, here.


  1. love that picture of your hubby and june... it has a slight 'aged' effect because of the color. (or maybe i need to adjust my monitor... who knows.)

    on another note... if you're in engineering like myself, we DO count zero as one. :)

  2. Loving the photos! You have so many great ones.


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