Twenty-Two Months

This month June learned the difference between "I want" and "I need." Needless to say, she has needed everything since then.

She has become a stairs dynamo. Adam can relax about it, I still jump to help her. She can do it herself though, both up and down.

She talks like crazy. She is really fun to listen to when she wants to imitate barn yard animals. She has the sounds and the animal names down pat and gets louder and louder as she makes the sounds.

She counts to three.

Music class is going really well. Afterwards June often sings the songs to herself, like "hot cross buns, umabenny, twoabenny, hot cross buns."

She is getting more and more into imaginative play. Often in the evenings we play horsey. She rides on our backs and then we dump her onto the couch. She adores it.

She loves the distinction between pajamas and regular clothes. She announces each thing she is doing, "I am drawing." "I am walking." "I am putting on my shoes." This morning she yelled insistently that she wanted some baba. We're talking full on sentences, all the time.

She has a preference for skirts and dresses, but I think it is more for comfort than anything else. And sometimes, to look like mommy.

We went to the grocery store last weekend and she was striding around with her yellow sunglasses on. This one older guy with grandkids of his own was smitten with her. He kept calling her a rock star. Adam told the woman at the checkout counter, "this happens everywhere we go." And it is true. June quickly develops her own entourage.

Sleep is largely the same, beginning nights in her little bed and ending them with us. She nurses less, and the boobies are often off-limits.

She feeds herself, though messily of course. But she loves to help clean up, so maybe it balances out. Specifically, she loves throwing things in the trash or the recycling. She also loves wiping things off with a baby wipe.

And she gives great hugs. Big strong ones that make you feel special.

We love you June!


  1. Oh. So much like Mishi (who is 21 months today). I so wish we could meet - they seem so similar. Mishi will only wear dresses; things have to be "pwetty", and she points to herself with contentment when she looks 'pwetty'.
    So much talking, picking up every word we all say. Can you believe how much June knows, and how quickly she learns new things. Crazy isn't it!

    I'm trying to enjoy the dragging out of the breastfeeding - even though it's so tiring on my body, its little moments when she's still and quiet and mine.

    Enjoy. E xx

  2. Maybe someday Ellie. I sure hope so.

  3. i think i'm going to start a fan club of junie. i am so terribly smitten with her and i have never even met her!

    did you get a pic of her in the sunglasses?

  4. I really love the photo of June looking up from behind the curtain. That smile is so her. She really does give great hugs too, you must have taught her that.

  5. Adam's parents got a picture of June in the sunglasses yesterday, I'll see if they can email me a copy.

    Thanks Emery, about the hugs. I thought to mention it from what either you or Chris said on Saturday. She gives strong hugs for such a little person.

  6. She is growing up so fast!

    So smart, so pretty!

  7. Ah, isn't this a great time. I love the constant talking, the awareness of everything - it's amazing to watch them get so darn smart so quickly.

  8. All of the new little accomplishments are so sweet. I guess I can't call them little. They may seem small to a non-parent, but I freak out every time Tessa gives a really good burp. Your little June is adorable.

  9. Hey! It was lovely to see you and your beautiful little girl at Epic this morning briefly--wish we had a chance to chat! Let's get together soon!

  10. I'm here with Jack and Carol and they said "Ahhhhhhhhhh" they think June looks like a Humphrey! --TomHi Amy ,  Nice to have a virtual visit. Someday maybe we can meet your family in person. Tom just brought us an amazing gift- beautiful pots and pans.We wish him well with his new job.  --CarolJack says we're playing golf tomorrow and he's excited.  --TomLove,TomJR and family


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