A Tale of Two Pillows :: Part One

When Adam and I got married, my aunt Indigo gave us this pillow.

She is an excellent embroiderer, seamstress, artist, photographer. Her life story I have always wanted to capture (maybe I will someday help her write it). I cannot leave out that she is also a gardener.

At any rate, I have cherished this pillow. Not only is it beautiful, it captures the colors of our wedding. It records our names. It has the date. And the fabrics are rich and soft. The detail is beautiful. I love it. She pooh-poohed my compliments saying, "it is just a pillow."

But I've always known better and cherished it.

More to come.


  1. Wow! That is more than just a pillow! Gorgeous work!

  2. That is beautiful. What a wonderful treasure. Just lovely!

  3. so beautiful! you know a handmade pillow will cost a fortune in the stores.... a personalized made with love - priceless.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Handmade gifts are always so special, always my favorite...

  5. Thanks everybody.

    I am so damned sentimental.


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