Green Sweater Girls

This is not much of a post, but it is what I can manage today. The photos were taken of June and I last night.

June is going through a phase where she always wants to wear the same color as me. It is really fun. And nicely, it helps us encourage the use of this sweater which was handmade for her by her Nana Liz.

I have so many posts rolling through my head I hope to be much more present in this space soon. I even missed June's 23 month birthday last week and am just itching to record her latest "little junie things."

She threw up twice yesterday. Hopefully it has passed - she did not throw up during the night.

Happy Monday!


  1. Very sweet...that's such a cute age. I can't wait :)

  2. Lovely green sweater girls. Sweet photos.
    I, too, missed writing my son's 4th birthday (blog) letter. I'll get to it. But am actually just enjoying being with him more than finding the mental capacity to compose something special and meaningful and worthwhile.

    Take care, Ellie.

  3. Cute! Is she wearing her jammies underneath? :-D

  4. Those are such cute photos of you two. I love that June sat on her knees, just like you. I'm glad she was feeling a little better during the night. I hope I get to see you again very soon.

  5. She wants to be like her mom!

    That's so sweet!

    You both look very cute. Is work causing you to lose track of blogging anniversaries?

    You may not know it from my volume of posts, but school has done that to me, too.

    Real life is so time consuming!

  6. Melissa: She is totally wearing her jammies underneath the sweater. Jammies from Nana Becky I should add too. :)

    Christy: you are right in a way. It is not that I forget - it is that I am just so dang tired after work. I just want to zone out and go to sleep.

  7. so sweet- she is getting so big. I can't believe our little ones were so small last winter when we found each others blogs can you? time flies. xo


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