Ode to 1987

Yesterday my Mom started scanning photos of our childhood and uploading them to flickr. I can't say how excited I am by this. So far it is mostly pictures of my then cutie pie, now handsome brother. Here is one of the two of us together. It makes no sense that my brother is wearing so many clothes in June.

There is another photo that stuns me - I am nine years old and holding a doll. It is hard for me to believe I ever held dolls, strange as that may seem. Perhaps especially now that I am a mom.
Another motherly thing is I think I am wearing eyeliner in this picture and I'm not so sure that is okay!

Thanks for doing all this work Mom and Tom!

PS Look how beautiful my Mom is.

Edited to add: I remember now that it is not eye liner. I used to sometimes wear mascara and didn't wash it off very well. The next day it looked like eyeliner. I remember that I liked that.


  1. It's fun to get a good look at the past. It is always surprising how different we look then we remembered.

    Is Brit's Thomas named after your brother? There is a picture of you brother that looks like Brit's son. (It is hard to reference two people with the same name!)

  2. Thanks Rhiannon. Actually, Britt's Thomas and my brother are both named after our Dad. It does get confusing sometimes. :)

  3. 1987. I was a year old :)

    I love your bro's fabulous specs.

  4. Ha!

    I was twelve, or going on.

  5. isn't it strange to look back at old photos... how young we all were and how young our parents were?

    you mom does look stunning!

  6. that's awesome that they're scanning your old photos! I'm hoping to do the same when I go home in January. Fantastic!

  7. I don't see the two pics - one of mom and one with you holding a doll - missing maybe?


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