A week in the life :: Saturday

I was still feeling pretty sick on Saturday despite the antibiotics. June and I went to music class (which she adores) and by the time that was over I was beat. Adam took June to a place like in my banner photo during the afternoon and they hiked. June wanted to walk a lot, but mostly he tried out our hiking/camping backpack for the first time. He said it works great. I feel bad that I didn't take more pictures today. Better luck next year! Thanks for all your comments. This has been a fun project.


  1. Is this music class in response (partially) to June having perfect pitch?

    That's a good mommy!!!!

    Wonder why the mastitis now? Hope you feel better.

  2. hope you feel better!

    we need some more videos of junie singing!

  3. Christy, I think the mastitis is part of June weaning a little bit and also from her preferring one side over the other - my infected side is the one she doesn't prefer so I think it got a clogged duct which got infected.

  4. ohhh I love your blog style! (I'm going to have to add you to my blog roll!) Thanks for the comment on mine!

  5. Thanks Monique! I've been reading yours for awhile now and I really enjoy it.

  6. get well soon, my dear!
    gorgeous pictures of your week!

  7. Thanks Gina. I am feeling lots better now. :)


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