A week in the life :: Friday

Today I developed mastitis. And went to the doctor's. And felt fluish. And only took this one picture:


  1. well, for having such a shitty day, you look great!

  2. I hope you're feeling a little better. Your camera looks really cool with that new lens! I loved the week in the life. I thought seeing the photos of your work, and your walk to work were really cool.

  3. i agree with inv/alt design... you look great!

  4. So sorry to hear that you have mastitis! I have gotten it at least once with all my kids. Usually it's a sign that you are doing too much. I thought I might be getting it again after all the late nights last week working on the Week in the Life project and throwing a party for my three year old. I'm trying to take it easy this week and drink lots of water.

    I hope that you feel better soon.

  5. Thanks Em!

    And thanks for the compliments ladies. :)

  6. I hope things are getting better - that you're taking good care of yourself. I thankfully haven't had mastitis, but my sister has and it turned into a horrible cyst and she was in hospital for a few days while they didn't know what was wrong. So please keep taking your antibiotics and lots of water.
    And yes, a good photo of you. You seem to be one of those people that looks quite different at different views / angles; sometimes young, sometimes mature. I like that - seeing different aspects of people.
    I've enjoyed reading your week in the life. Especially like your reasons for going out for pizza - sounds like me!!
    Take care.

  7. Ah, hope you're feeling better now!

  8. Thanks Tracy. I'm feeling lots better.


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