Space Ship Junie

I have been meaning to share these photos for about two weeks now. This play feature is at one of the malls here that we recently visited with our friends Melissa and family. It is so hot that it is hard to find things to do in the summer. Kind of like Anchorage in wintertime.

So.. the other news is that yesterday was a really fabulous day. And so was Saturday. Adam gave me a little bit of getaway time each day to just do my own thing. I keep on going with my creative pushes. But man, my project list is getting way too long. Bedroom two in our house is crammed full of boxes. You'd think that when space is a premium that we would tidy the place up or try to be organized. It is a constant process. Yesterday I rearranged some of the kitchen stuff. Adam and I have this habit of moving into a place, setting stuff down, and then never moving it again. I hope to change this if we move again - place things with some forethought - because otherwise we end up disorganized and ... I think I am nesting right now. Only very, very slowly.

I hope everyone had a great Monday.

June said armpit today. And wall and window. And she told me "no" a lot. And called out for boobies quite a bit too. She is falling into a routine and expects things to go a certain way. In the last week she pooped twice in the bathtub. We are trying to discourage that, obviously!
I am ready to stop potty training because it just seems to make her unhappy. And that is about it. She turns 21 months old on the 11th and I have to save some things to write about!


  1. She looks so cute in that spaceship! I remember living in Texas during the summer, when it was so hot that we really couldn't go outside. I feel for ya!

  2. CUTE! never a bad picture, that cute kid of yours! :)

    as for potty training, i've always gone by the rule of "you'll know when they are ready."

    besides at 21 months, you still have tons of time to potty train. (when are you planning to send her to preschool? that's when they want kids out of diapers, no?)

    junie won't be in diapers until she is 21 years old... i promise. *wink* :)

    happy monday!

  3. I love these pics! Sooo cute. Even here in PDX we go to the mall reluctantly when it's really hot.

  4. I especially like the huge smile in the first one. I love the colors in these too.

  5. Thanks everybody. I appreciate the support!


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