The other night

Just before bed, June and her Dad were playing. I caught this image and though kind of dark, can't you just feel the love? (I can.)

It is especially nice to see because June has been a major mama's girl for the last little while. She will cry to be in my arms rather than her Dad's. She wants to be with me constantly. She wants to nurse from the moment she gets home from day care until she falls asleep at night. At least it feels like it and it is not far from the truth. All this when I am wanting a little of my body back. Wanting to finally know what it is to sleep through a night undisturbed again. We'll get there. And moments like these are going to have to get me through the times when June wants her Dad more than she wants me. Everyone says that will happen someday. I hate to think of it!


  1. Great photo - The love definitely shines through!

  2. What a sweet moment. I love to capture such times also.


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