More Weekend

Here is what we had for breakfast on Sunday. I had a fun time making biscuits, though they did not turn out nearly as well as the popovers I make (look at this tiny baby kissing a boy!).

This morning I laid in bed for about an hour, June nursed on and off, Adam slept soundly, and I felt so peaceful and happy.

The last few nights I have felt blissfully aware that there is nothing to be done except be in the present moment. It feels really good.


  1. What a fantastic morning! Can I come over for breakfast next week? I promise to lounge in bed for an hour or so.


  2. Oh, the relief!

    Relaxation after a job well done....

    You do very well at enjoying all the phases of your life, girl, the fast, the slow.

    Appreciating life--you should bottle that quality and sell it!

  3. Yay! You're back on the blog. Though I'm sad we didn't get together again for a play date. It's been such a busy summer!! I can't believe it is all about to end.... Anyway, I love your new title block, and all your pix are so fantastic! I remember that feeling of being done with school. Now you don't have to feel guilty that you aren't doing homework during every spare moment...yay!!!

  4. i always have to remind myself to enjoy the moment too.

    yummy breakfast! can you send some of that over?? *wink*

  5. What lovely moments you are having. I'm glad you are just enjoying being in the moment - and that all your study is over and you have that stress behind you.

    What yummy looking breakfast you had. We made scones for breakfast yesterday, had no bread in the house!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to you, Amy!

  7. hey, nominated you for an award. pop over my blog to see! :)


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