Today has been an excellent day. We had breakfast as a family, bought June a training potty, and went on an adventure to a splash park that Melissa introduced me to last weekend. I liked the peace of it. I liked the knowledge in the back of my mind somewhere that there are no more tests to take, school is out, and I have a normal, simple life for the first time in years.

What made it fantastic was it was a good photo day too.

Talking on the phone with Nana Liz. Very seriously listening.

Drawing. Today she refused to wear pants. But of course she would wear her orange shoes.

The light was just so great for this one and the next one.

Can you see how long her hair has gotten?

And lastly, since this is a nighttime post, here is June and her Dad a night or two ago, reading the book that Adam and I want to gag each time she pulls it out, each time we read it two, three, four times a night. She calls it "Sam," and you all know it too: Green Eggs and Ham.

Night Night all.


  1. I love the look of that little dress June has one. Would you mind to send me a photo of it -close up front and back. Maybe I'll find a moment to try and make something similar. (Been on a bit of a dress-making run!).
    Green eggs and Ham. Know what you mean. We have a few Dr Seuss, and my husband (Sam) can't stand to read them. I run the rhymes really quickly, and try to get Ari to do a few rhyming words too. But neither of us can stand it too many times in a row. Maybe you should "loose" the book somewhere for a few weeks or so! Isn't it crazy how they get obsessed with one book for ages.
    Okay - must get back to sewing now. I'm on kid-free time. And that is so precious!!
    Take care, Ellie

  2. I am not ashamed to admit that I have hidden certain books from the Bean to avoid having to read them again.

    Fortunately she doesn't yet have the patience for any Dr. Seuss books - they are too long for her!

    June's hair is so curly and so long - does she let you put it up? Bean fights all attempts at barrettes and bands, but perhaps that is because Mama's own rat's nest hair is always exploding and never contained . . .

    Love that she refuses to wear pants - go Junie!

  3. Oh, how I love those curls! I'm glad you are enjoying your new slower-paced lifestyle :)

  4. Chris and I have started referring to her as 'Goonie.' We know it's bad, but it's just so adorable when she says it, that we can't resist.
    I love the photo up close of her face. The lighting really is perfect. I also love the one of June and Adam. Oh man, do you ever dream the rhymes of Sam I am? I could see myself doing that.

  5. One more thing. I'm so happy for you that you finally had a relaxing Saturday, when you didn't even have to feel guilty for skipping out on homework!! We should go out for a celebration of that.

  6. Oh, I really like the light in the next to the last photo. I love the warm glow on her face and the sun streaming through her curls, the bright glow on the drawing board, too. Very nice shot.
    It must feel so good to have school and tests off your shoulders. I'm glad you are enjoying the time.

  7. Love the new banner on your blog. That's a beautiful photo!


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