First Kiss

Our little girl found a boy to give kisses to this weekend. She was definitely the initiator, if you can't tell by the picture! I love how her little hoodie is coming off at the shoulder. It reminds me of this (but the toddler version of course. The movie is great, in a cheesy formulaic dance movie kind of way.)

The lucky boy is Marshall, Melissa's (of An Unexpectant Mother) son. He is a sweetheart and man I wish all of my family could have been there to witness the kiss-fest. Thank you Melissa for the photos! The pictures are from my visit to Melissa's house this past Sunday.

As for the Bisbee photos, I will have to just say they'll be up on Flickr soon if anyone cares. I'm movin' on.

This morning as a good little wifey I got up early and made these popovers for breakfast. I couldn't sleep really. So, they turned out delicious and I highly recommend them. Even if you have to use biscuit mix instead of flour and soy milk instead of milk. They aren't so fluffy, but man... these are great! {I found the recipe through this blog.}

I hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Oh my goodness! At first, I was all excited about the kissing photos, but then I saw the part about the popovers. I come to your blog and end up hungry for yummies. It's making this low-carb thing a challenge. Next time I go off my low-carb diet, I'm knocking on your door and demanding popovers.

    Oh, yes -- my son's first kiss! (sorry, sidetracked for a moment, now back to major life event). It was so adorable. I went to a birthday party on Saturday, and a little girl Marshall's age gave another baby a big kiss just like that, and I thought it was the cutest thing. I had no idea that within 16 hours, my son would be involved in a major make-out session!

    I'm thrilled that his first kiss was with June, as now she is more than a friend, she is part of our family history. The story of his first kiss will be with him for life, and we're so happy that we have the kissing photos of the two Cutest Babies Ever. I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm dreaming of a wedding in 2033 where we show the photo and talk about how they were meant to be from the beginning. Marshall already thinks you'll make a great mother-in-law. :-)

  2. When you are ready for popovers, come on over. I'll be ready for you.

    Now I am trying to calculate how old they'll be in 2033. 27? Perfect age for marriage.

    Betrothal is an accepted practice nowadays right? :)

  3. Holy cow, I laughed at that photo!

    She is giving him a full-on tongue! So precocious! I'd watch her as a teen, missy!


    Darling photos, really. If you guys stay in touch, she and Marshall will adore those as they grow. Sarah (my daughter) and my best friends son have some photos like that, and they put them on their Myspace!

  4. Yeah, they really do look like they are making out.

    I hope June and Marshall like these and aren't just embarrassed about them.

    Thanks for the comments.

  5. Those kissy photos are so cute. I have silly ideas sometimes about my son and his little "girlfriends"- there's one I wish I could pick for my future daughter in law :P Those popovers looked delicious, your family was very lucky this morning.

  6. Dawn:
    Well, mine were not nearly so beautiful as that link, but they sure tasted great. And the texture was one of the best parts.

    I wish I could see a pic of the girl you'd give the ok for DIL. :)

  7. Hmm. I am not sure I have ever been kissed that passionately in my life!! It's funny, I don't remeber my boys ever spontaneously kissing another baby. Very cute.

  8. Awwwwwww, I love the toddler open mouth kiss.
    Mei has just stopped doing it.
    I miss it already...sniff...Xxx

  9. oh my lord, that picture! so cute! I love their posture, and yeah, the hoodie sliding off--such ardor!!

  10. What a real kick I got out of those pictures of June & her friend playing kissie face!
    I have been in a rush & haven't been leaving comments lately but wanted to just send you
    a quick "THANK YOU" for sharing the blog, all those fun pictures & delicious recipes with us!

  11. Thanks Debbie!

    I confess I am a little embarrassed about how passionate it looks now... !

    I hope June forgives me someday.


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