June Days :: 3

I can already feel that it will be hard to post each and every day.

Thanks for the comments on the last post. I am not sure June knows what "I love you" means ~ but she is such a mimic, and she's said it back to me a few times now. I can glow even if she doesn't know what she's saying right?

Speaking of which, here is a shot that just says *Little Girl* to me.


  1. love the little girl legs ... abit chubs and oh so cute in skirts!

    ps. when june finds out the meaning of 'i love you' it'll be even sweeter. sometimes my daughter will come up to me out of the blue and tells me, "mommy, i love you lots for a long time." always gets me misty.

  2. Nothing cuter than a baby butt and dimpled legs. So cute!

  3. I'm enjoying "June Days" so far. Great shots of the little gal!

  4. I'm looking forward to June days. Plus you'll be here! I LOVE the pink steel picture! But really, I always love all of your pictures. You inspire me :)

  5. Great pictures! Do you scrapbook?

  6. No I don't scrapbook, but if I had time I sure would like to. At least a little.


I always, always, always love comments. (Okay, except maybe not the nasty ones.)


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