June Days :: 4

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Sometimes I wonder, will June stop enjoying life so much?
Every day is so fresh and new. She delights in meeting new people and in having new experiences.

It don't think on this solely about her unique development, but all of us.
When do we stop taking delight in small things?
What stops us from loving people?
When do we put the barriers on our hearts, our minds?

We went to a barbecue last night at Gina's house and it was very fun. June's extroversion is amazing to me. She sparkles in groups of people. She is curious about everyone, and she is not afraid to give of herself. I had a great time at the barbecue, getting to see other friends too, like Chris and Emery, Steve and Tasha. But I also just loved watching my girl dive right in to life, and also watching her reluctance to leave.

Tucking her into sleep that night, her rambunctious little self taking awhile to wind down, I lingered holding her for awhile after she feel asleep. I want to somehow hold on to a little bit of this girl before she grows up and away.


  1. Sweet photos and thoughts. They get so big so fast don't they? I love that she is a socialite. Perhaps she will always delight in these simple things. Thanks for the reminder to take delight in the looooooong winding down nights. I needed that last night!

  2. It's true. Sometimes the patience is so hard to find.

  3. those pictures are great!

    enjoy every moment with june. you are very wise to enjoy even the long nights...

    i dread the day when my kids will no longer want me to cuddle them.

  4. She's a special little girl and you are a wise mama for learning the lessons she has to teach you. I know I have my daughter to credit for many of my friendships; she's always been extroverted and friendly which has helped me to meet new people.

  5. I posted on someone else's site with a toddler that was shy......had a bunch of stats about temperament and what was malleable, and what etched in stone.

    Turns out....extroversion is pretty much etched in stone...

    So, this may be June's lot in life, and it suits our culture completely!

    Lucky girl!

    Nature vs. nurture though.....are you and Adam outgoing?

  6. So cute...I too relish the moments I get to spend with my little ones.

  7. The great thing about the kiddos is that they remind us to slow down and notice all the little details in our lives. It's so easy to walk by, but we kind of get a "do-over" when the kids come along and show us how to see things again.

  8. Christy, Adam is extroverted, and I am to an extent, though mostly introverted. I need time alone and I also need just space out quiet time - that's my introverted style. But thanks for the info. I hope she stays extroverted and open like she is now.

    Tracy: I could not agree more.

  9. A fresh perspective is awesome. In my Integrative Nutrition book the author talks about how delightful our days can become when we stop, toss aside the baggage, and come at things with a clean slate. June's got it right!

  10. Tara, from my own experience that rings very true. Everything is easier when we simply just drop all the expectations. Seems very buddhist, your author's sentiment.


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