June Days :: 2

Taken this morning as her daddy walked her out to the car, on the way to day care. She was taking itty bitty steps and was acting a little scared of stepping down off the curb.

She has repeated "I love you" to me a few times lately, melting my heart completely. She also often says "morning" now to me, but at lots of times of the day. The other night we ate artichokes and she was all about it, saying "Yummy" and wanting lots of bites. I have a distinct memory of teaching her how to eat them, her teeth clamping down on the leaves and me pulling them out so that a little of the flesh would stay in her mouth. It was fun.


  1. very cool! i could never get my kid to eat artichoke!

    cute pix. isn't it sweet to hear 'i love you' no matter when or where?

  2. This is a sweet photo. I've never eaten an artichoke that's not out of the can! :0 I saw some beautiful artichokes at the store the other day and I wanted to get them but chickened out because I had no idea what to do with them.

  3. dawn - trim the bottom stem off, pull off some of the outer, lower leaves (they are generally tougher and not a good eat), then steam it until one of the other bottom, lower leaves comes off easily when you tug. Then melt some butter (simplest, though some like it with a mayo/worcestershire sauce/chopped garlic/squirt of lemon juice type sauce), then dip, put the meaty end of the leaf in, clamp down and pull!

    I LOVE artichokes. Love them. The Bean likes sucking butter off but that's about it so far. :-D

    I think my heart will probably stop the day she learns to say "I love you" - that is the sweetest thing!

    I think June was faking it so she could hold her daddy's hand.

  4. Thanks ladies. I was surprised myself that June would eat artichoke, but since she was about 9 months old all she ever wanted to eat was what we were eating. So I suppose I should be used to it by now.

    HSM I am going to have to try garlic. I can't believe I never thought of that.

  5. I love the way you cropped this photo, and the way the bricks look in the foreground. Such a great moment captured.


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