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Since tomorrow will be about my mom, it seems fitting to devote a little time today to the mom that is me. I just unearthed this photo from what from seems like AGES ago, but was only February.

What it says to me is, "your baby is growing up." (Too fast.)

We hardly ever use the Ergo anymore. That thing was indispensable for a long time. Now, we just use it for hikes and she is worn on the back. This photo shows our use of the ergo in all its glory. I like the way Adam took it. Somehow it seems like he sneaked up on us and captured this moment. It is true that I was trying to hide in public, which is never an easy task, especially once you try to breastfeed. Suddenly droves of people appear and for some reason they all seem to notice when you lift your shirt up....

I've been a fairly anxious mom. Especially when June was smaller. It gets easier, and I relax. But the baby crying phases, the times when she just needs a nap and for that she needs her mommy, nothing better get in my way. It brings out the mama bear.

I'm happy for the days to get lighter, and for that to include my mothering and the stress and anxiety that came along with it. As June gets more capable, that seems to be happening naturally. Sometimes I wish I were more easy going from the get go. At others I just have to embrace that this is me, and it is how I manifest my love for my baby. I think it all strikes a balance.

Happy Mother's Day Eve!


  1. Happy Mother's day Amy. What a beautiful photo and sentiment to go along with it. They do grow up way too fast.

  2. Thanks Dawn. You always leave the sweetest comments.

  3. The fact that you're reflective about things--that'll automatically even things out, take out the kinks, if there are any.

    Every style--almost-- will work, with love. And you have so much.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. that is a great picture! it captured that moment in time so beautifully.

    kids do grow up so fast...

    happy mother's day!

  5. I feel the same way about my moby wrap :)

  6. Yeah, I miss it. But then again, right now is awfully fun.

  7. Happy Mother's Day! What a joy to be a mother. I'm excited you're coming up to visit...will you be staying with your mom? The family that bought Britt & Slade's house just put the house up for sale. I think it would make Slade sad that they didn't embrace that house and finish the projects he thought they would finish. Maybe the next family will.

  8. I love the photo. I'm a bit anxious as well when it comes to mothering as well. My mom says it gets better with the second...I suppose someday I'll find out :).

    Happy (late) Mother's Day!

    P.S. bloglines wasn't updating your blog for me, so now I've got a bunch of catch up reading to do! Looks like I missed a ton!

  9. Your parenthetical "too fast" says it all. The years, months, days definitely blur these little people into big. And we're left straining to look back and wonder how.

    Happy mother's day to you. It was nice to discover your blog. Thanks for your comment on mine. I love the name June.

  10. Thanks Amy. She is growing so fast I can't believe the pictures of her one year birthday party - she looks like such a little baby still. And that was only a few months ago!


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