Today's Milestone ::

Is all about me.

Hello! These are pre-pregnancy jeans!

And there is a little bit of muffin top, and they are tight. But they work. And I'm lovin' it.

Stay tuned... it has been very stressful around here, but June's 17 month update is in the mix.


  1. That's awesome.
    I love the photos. I didn't see any muffin top.
    It's fun that you're wearing the same outfit that I can see you in right now :)

  2. daaaaaaamn, smokin' ;-)

    Congrats, it's such a good feeling isn't it?

    Today I'm wearing the jeans my 13 year old stepson has grown out of. I should have bought him cuter clothes.

  3. Oh, isn't that the greatest feeling? Yay, for you!
    It's been 12 years and I'm still trying to get my belly to do something besides look like a squishy lump of brioche dough. One day it will happen. Even if it's because all the skin has sagged clear down to my knees and gravity has stretched it smooth. :-)

  4. Great!

    Hard work, discipline is good. So many people think it's easier NOT to do it--but then you're sad about your body, thinking about it, so...what's the point?

    You're a young, healthy, beautiful momma, there!

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  6. I just got into prepregnancy bras this week. I know how exciting it feels. Congratulations!

  7. Hey sweet. I'm cleaning off my monitor right now. I had no idea it was so dirty. I also had nothing I needed to see so well.

  8. what??? what muffin top? you look hot! boy, i so want to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes... all my jeans are just sitting in the bin wanting to get out.

    thanks for your tip on the teething problem. that sophie the giraffe is too cute. i'm going to try to cold wash cloth thing first though. baby c always have problems with teethers...

  9. Anonymous: I think I love you.

  10. You better love me. I share a bed and house and child and life with you.
    Gracefully and happily most days, and thankful always.

    Especially in those new moon pants.

    Moon pants your readers may ask?

    Your ass is outta this world!

    Ps: If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me? xoxo

  11. Yeah for you Amy! You look great! I don't know if I can fir into my pre-pregnancy jeans, I got rid of them because they were making me feel bad ;p

  12. This is the week for milestones. Pre-prego pants and a degree to boot! Congrats on both chica.

  13. You're too cute. And I'm not seeing any muffin top either. Just noticed on Jordan's blog that you're an AZ girl, too.

  14. Chris,
    You are right - that's a more important milestone for sure.

  15. YAY! Congrats! It's a huge achievement.

  16. oh hooray! and long shirts are the bomb diggity :)


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