The June Shoe

No seriously.

Well-wishing family members, feel free to purchase these (or others on this site) for little miss shoe fetish. These are even named after her.

And the description:

Pretty in periwinkle. These classic Mary Janes are fresh as a spring breeze. White flower cut-outs and contrast stitching create a look as sweet as she is.

But I must say, they are not as sweet as she is, despite any claims.


  1. OMG those are cute! Not even close to as cute as June but cute! I'm not sure who has the bigger fetish for baby shoes in our house, the Bean or me. Sometimes she gets particular and will wear nothing but X for days on end and sometimes its no shoes at all for days on end. And then there are the pairs that I just couldn't stop myself from buying because they are sooooo cute.

    And I continue to wear the same totally trashed and barely held together pair of light hikers I've been wearing for 3 years because I keep spending money on baby shoes!

  2. Meee toooo! Except I live in flip flops.

  3. Girl shoes are WAY cuter than boy shoes.

  4. lovely! I like yr new masthead.

  5. cute shoes!

    i love your new title pic too!

  6. Thanks everybody!

    And Tracy, I do believe you are right.

  7. Yes, girl shoes are cuter. But there were some really adorable boy shoes on their site. Some that I feel I must have.

    I have a bit of a shoe obsession and so does Kyle. Maybe Lowan will as well. We're just worried about the size of his feet!

  8. Why are you worried about the size of his feet Rhiannon? Are they teeny?

  9. No, HUGE!! Tara talks about how big they are all the time. In fact, when they were in town we compared Aidan's and Lowan's feet. The same length. How does that happen?

  10. They say people with big feet make better dancers...


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