Little Things Making me Happy

There is a surge of optimism this morning. A lovely one.

I have these things to thank:
  • Sleeping in until 7:10 AM. Delightful.
  • June seems to be feeling better. I didn't even have to wipe her nose this morning.
  • She is happy today and not as clingy as she has been.
  • It is sunny but not yet hot. It feels good outside.
  • My own sinus issues are receding
  • Adam made coffee
  • I gave muffins to June's caretakers, which made me happy inside to do
  • Thoughts of summer to come, school ending, stress lifting
  • No bad dreams, which I've had a lot of late
  • And, it is early, and I think I will be very productive today

I leave you with this up-note. It is time for exams. So bye-bye for now. I'll be back. (Thanks Emery for this photo.)


  1. Lovely morning & gorgeous pic! Xxx

  2. I'm glad things are going so well for you. I've been feeling pretty upbeat lately also. Have a great weekend.

  3. yay! nothing is worse than watching a child sick and all you can do is to reassure them that it will all be ok.

    good luck on your exam!

  4. AAAaaahhhhh, the little things that make us happy and feel good!!

    Good luck on finals. When I'm wrapping up school at the end of the year, I'll have to have you give me some words of encouragement for doing it with a baby. You seem to do it so well. :)

    I love your comments and baby similarities, I too feel like I'm getting to know you.


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