Last night I had a sci-fi dream. In it, I'd discovered that not only was pollution ruining our environment, it was creating "chatter," a visual effect where nothing was in focus. It was all overlaid, like seeing double, but really triple, or quadruple. And this was because we had altered the very nature of light, or at least the way we perceive it on a molecular level. The biological mechanism of vision no longer worked.

June had a fever. I kept thinking/dreaming she felt like fire.

About a week ago, I was tagged by Mah-meee at Raising A & C to participate in a meme. It is called: Five classes I wish they would have taught in school. While I recognize that it is probably and opportunity to discuss life lessons... I don't look to school to teach me those.

So here is what I would have liked taking, quite literally:
1. Journal Class: where you have to write/draw/paint your life on pages for an hour a day.

2. Yoga: preferably something strenuous, with no ohms, and taught in a gymnasium with a view of a forest. Floor to ceiling view. You could watch the weather as you go through sun salutations.

3. Service Learning: my husband teaches this, and he puts a lot of creative effort into it. The premise is basically that kids learn through doing, and a service focus gets kids involved in the community in ways that relate to what they are learning. Adam's students just finished up a big unit on the Holocaust and now they are moving into a Sustainability/Water Harvesting thing.

4. Photography: my school didn't offer this. I really would have loved to learn how to work a dark room during high school. More on this topic in a future post.

5. How to survive after an economic collapse: in this class you'd learn how to churn butter, knit, make rugs, cheese, homemade wine, how to jar anything, cooking, gardening... you know, all the activities that I think are fun and that I do in my spare time.

Please feel free to participate if this topic interests you. What I really wish is to know what five classes I would have selected while I was in high school. I bet photography would've been on there. But skateboarding might have been too! Oh! And guitar. I would've loved to learn guitar in high school.


  1. Actually did a list on my blog......gave you a shout-out.....thanks!

  2. Those would be great classes to take- I'd love to go to a school like that. If I was making my own list, I don't think I would change anything.

  3. I love daydreaming about classes I would have one point I actually took my fantasy about what would make a great school into thinking I wanted to home school with a great self designed curriculum. I don't think it would quite work out like I imagined:). I think the service learning is a fabulous idea. What grade does Adam teach?

  4. Adam teaches ninth and tenth graders. You can do a lot with home schooling I think, but you really have to be disciplined. Which sadly, I am not.


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