{Thank you everyone for your uplifting comments yesterday. And for being in this same boat with me. It is inspiring to know so many women who care about the earth, their place in it, and their families.}

Walking from downtown to my car this morning there was a smell in the air - like earthy black licorice. That mixed with the smell of orange blossoms. It was delightful, and I hope I can recall it when I think of Tucson after we move away from here.

The smell in the air got me thinking of the other night during June's bath. Adam said, "Come smell her head." I leaned in and took a whiff of the top of her still-dry head. I looked at Adam, not sure what he wanted me to notice. He said, "She smells like a person." So for a recount, here is what she smelled like to me: aloe vera when you first break it open to smooth onto a sunburn, mixed with a touch of light lemon.

Adam smells like sandalwood, or like a birch tree when you lean in really close.

I don't know what I smell like (thankfully perhaps!) except sometimes I smell just like brownies. And I like that.

Little Junie report:
Well, sometimes when she wants to go to sleep, she will walk right up to me and say "night night." She will also stop me, mid-reading a book, lay her head down, pat the bed and say, "night night." As in, "Mom, I'm done reading. Let's go to sleep." At daycare today I learned she does the same there, walking up to her main caretaker, Debbie, and holding her hand and saying, "night night," leading her over to her crib.

At the library a week or so ago, I was doing something June likes. Which is, I was holding her in the air as though she is laying on her belly with her arms out, letting her push her own stroller. She loves this and could do it for hours. A little girl who was there with her father called June "baby super." This made me smile and I keep thinking of it.

Lately when you take June's jacket off of her she doesn't want you to take it away. She wants to hold it. She is similar with her shoes. She used to hate them, but now she wants them on her feet at all times.

She has started walking with her arms deliberately held down instead of up in the air for balance.

She will give you a beso, and if you ask where her "panza" is she will lift her shirt and/or cup her belly.

She will climb into your heart too, when you aren't looking. Or maybe when you are!


  1. she is such a doll
    and yr such a great mom
    It comes through so easily!

  2. I like the way you've described different scents. I need to slow down and think about things like that more often- stop and smell the roses ;). Your photography is so beautiful.

  3. Very charming. I also love to smell my babies-- my son still has his lovely baby-person smell, and I breathe it in every time I cuddle and/or nurse him. I noticed last year that my daughter, while still smelling lovely, no longer has a baby smell (she's five.) The baby scent is something to cherish.

  4. Mmm, baby smells! I'm temped to go smell my son right now, but he's napping and I'm afraid my instant intoxication and my mmmmm.... moaning may wake him up. :-)

  5. I used to like after they were a bit older, but still babies, and got sweaty--I liked their REAL smell. Not just after a bath.

    And they smell different, each of the three.

    They still do.

  6. Yes I'm surprised my little Bean has any hair left, because I'm constantly snorting them up my nostrils. I keep worrying that I'm going to forget what she smells like once she grows up and starts pestering me to buy her deodorant.

    I love that last picture - from what I've seen of you and Adam she looks like the perfect mix of you two. She has such a look of wisdom and innocence all rolled up together.

    Spring is here, rejoice!

  7. HSM: you made me laugh out loud with that one. And I agree, June is a perfect mix of Adam and I. :)

  8. Oh yes, she will very definately crawl into your heart...Xxx


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