Not sure where to go

I've had blogging writer's block lately. I'm not sure when I'll get back the urge to say things.

I've been really stressed out due to school, and that factors in a lot.

I think of posts all the time, and then fatalistically decide not to write them.

I'm mad about things like the plight of the Dann sisters in Nevada. (See this video if you like called Our Land, Our Life.) The Western Shoshone never gave up their lands.

I'm mad about American consumeristic complacency in general.

I'm mad about buffelgrass invasion of the Sonoran Desert.

Do we take action or do what we normally do - just passively adjust to the consequences?

I'm tired of business as usual. Things like the current mudflinging at Barack Obama about his supposed "spiritual mentor." The economy falling.

Did you ever see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? Where Paul Newman is just sick from all the mendacity. That is what I feel like sometimes. If only we could be more inspired.

I just vacillate between futility sparking a call to action or a simple escape from reality.

Life now is just as bad as it ever was - in terms of justice. But we just let our world leaders continue to use up all of the earth's resources. Primarily to profit corporations. Things like pit mines burn me up. That and my conclusion that wealth now = poverty later.

What will remain for future generations? Why can't we all live in homes like this?

For more positive, yet similar thoughts see this post.


  1. Wow, you are so right, Amy.

    I just saw Obama's speech on race, and I cried.

    Makes me want to do more, especially when I am a nurse and I can combine my career and helping.

    I might break out of my fear and work with inner city youths, or stick with my original plan and serve the underserved rural people (my people, I guess.)

    Also, more personally...some people were mean to my daughter on vacation--maybe her clothes, her looks--and they happened to be very wealthy.

    I have to fight my rage, and build understanding on this personal level, too, where *I* have issues.

    God bless you.

  2. Oh thanks Christy. I need solidarity.

    Someday I will position myself to take action. Once school is complete I'll have a better chance.

    I just want to live a happy life. Yet I feel that doing so sells out the next generations. And I can't stand that.

  3. Don't feel bad--I will tell you a secret; it is easier when you are older to at least envision doing things more for others.

    Your efforts SHOULD be toward making a happy home for your family.

    When you sort of outlive that usefulness, you instinctively start to look for where you are needed more.

    If you evolve, that is.....sometimes I just want to get facelifts and retire in Florida.

    I won't give in.

  4. It's so easy to get down on all the bad stuff that's happening out there. But I DO believe you can make a difference, simply by living a life that you feel is just. I believe you can teach by example. Even if you only inspire one person, that's enough, especially if you believe in 6 degrees of separation. That person you've inspired may inspire someone else and so on.

    That site you linked to with the cute little hobbit house is awesome. And I believe that every environment hosts something like that, where we fit into our environment instead of fighting against it. Cob construction in one place, adobe in another. Build a garden, or volunteer. There are so many people out there just like you who want to connect, to share, and to build a better world community.

    Together we can make a difference!

    P.S. And this is pretty cool too:

  5. Bravo to the last comment.

    Sometimes I think if I help one person my life wasn't in vain. And if I just do that in every moment--without thinking what I did/didn't do in the past, or plan to live justly instead of just living justly now--then I think my life will be OK.

    I'm still cleaning my toilet with salt, as a start to getting rid of cleaning products....that's my mania--chemicals and the water supply.

  6. I don't have anything very useful to say right now except that I understand what you mean and I feel the same way. I love the little hobbit house and want to move in right now! I like what the other commenter said about you just being in a time of your life right now where your family needs a lot from you and you will have more time later to devote to these issues that are important. I tell myself that all the time.

  7. All of these problems are bigger than us. Maybe so many of these things that make us so anxious (and I know there are days when I could have written your post) are really no big deal. Maybe you are already doing something that will make everything better and you don't even know it. Maybe I am really bad at writing pseudo zen prose - but really, all the anxiety about all the terrible things in the world is only hurting us and it is okay to just hope (and I don't mean this in a head in the sand kind of way, either)

  8. I read a book called The Power of Now, and it said that, at least individually, most problems are just worries about the past or future. If you could just enjoy the sun on your face, your lack of physical discomfort (assuming you are lucky enough to be free of discomfort) you'd see that most problems are mental.

    Now, I have to weigh that against the horrors I know are happening out there.....strike a balance?

    Not easy.

  9. Sometimes I like to take a media break and turn inward, focusing on one small task and how it make might make a difference. Or even the energy I put out each day and what it will attract or how it will affect those around me. It can be tough, especially when we think of our little ones growing up and dealing with it all. Still, some of the most inspiring stories I've heard are of those who, through incredibly hard times, keep finding the good in humanity. It's there. Just keep looking and loving on your family.

  10. hey, speaking of pit mines, check out where I went/ what I did this weekend in kentucky --;;

    I feel new hope that we can work together -- HARD -- to change things. It takes time, but as KFTC says, we've never lost a fight. Some of them just take a long time to win.
    Faith and hard work can move mountains. Or keep them in place.

  11. Ginna, I'm originally from KY.

    What tragedies have happened there.

    Desperation and poverty make dangerous allies.

    And greed.

  12. I would love to leave a wonderful uplifting comment about keeping on keeping on, but I am pretty much where you are right now.

    I have had the link to the low impact woodland home open on my computer for at least two weeks, fantasizing about building one for my family, moving into it and forgetting about the world.

    And the stuff with Obama is killing me. I had such hope that the political system wouldn't be able to tear him down, especially once I saw that so many others were getting behind him. Maybe he can still make it, but I have lost some of the hope I felt early on in the race.

    And I am so with you on thinking of posts but not posting them. Ugh. My blog is the last item on my list of things to do and I often don't.

    I guess we just need to be gentle with ourselves. We'll be back to changing the world and blogging about it soon.

  13. I want to raise chickens someday, too. You've inspired me to go visit Bisbee and I just might steal June's name for our May baby! those eyes!!

  14. I completely understand, and feel the same way all the time. I feel like I do too much thinking about things and not actually *doing* anything about it. You can make a difference, though, even by doing small things like writing this blog post and providing the links that you did. And everyday you are teaching your daughter a better way to live. You should be proud!

    And what I wouldn't give to live in that hobbit house! *sigh*


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