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I have had a thing lately for taking pictures of reflections. You may have noticed the one in this Bisbee post. Here are some reflection photos taken at the zoo, and a few from our Bisbee getaway. Adam took this one of June and I, reflected in the glass of the polar bear's pool.

As for Junie news, she is doing very well. She had fun visiting with her grandparents again over the weekend. She has a bit of a runny nose, and two molars have been working their way in slowly.

She knows there is power in the words she says and communicates more and more. Lately she uses "all done" a lot, for example tonight, she pointed at the book Adam was reading to her, said, "baby!" then immediately slammed the book and said, "all done." She also does the sign for all done, and sometimes the sign for more. Right now she is learning to throw a tennis ball for the dog in the backyard. Visiting the dog is her favorite thing and recently worked as a solution to one of her infrequent meltdowns. That's all for now folks...


  1. Yay! June!
    Love the pics, but just love June!
    All done...Xxx

  2. Those are some great reflection pictures. Some of them look like it's hard to tell which side is up or down. I think it's wonderful that you're teaching June baby signs- they were so helpful for our family.

  3. Oh man those molars are rough! But once in they can open a whole new world of food too.

    The Bean could care less about our two dogs, though she enjoys giving them the snacks we give her (grrrr). Get a glimpse of the cat however and you've never heard such delighted squealing. This goes for any cat out on the street and even in books! The ones in the books get a little pat too.

    Great pics!


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