First Trip to the Zoo

Over the weekend we went to the Tucson Zoo as a family, including Adam's parents. I have been wanting to take June to the zoo for ages, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had never seen a rhinoceros in real life before, or a giraffe for that matter!

June is getting very good at walking, as you can see. This is astroturf! I couldn't believe I liked it.

She loved the elephants, and tried to say elephant. I'm hoping she connects with the elephant that stomps its foot in this, her favorite book (though hers is the board book version.)


  1. The zoo!! Such fun. Emma loves elephants too - although the real one we came face to face with a few months ago at our zoo kind of blew her mind.

    And that sweatshirt June is wearing in the last photo? Emma has the same one!

  2. Cool! I love that sweatshirt.

  3. One of my favorite parts of being a parent is the excuse to do things like going to the zoo :) Those are some great pictures you took.

  4. Yay!! I looove going to the Zoo just like little June!
    My little Diego likes the monkeys the most and Natalie prefers these big birds that are pink, I just forgot the name :0 She loves the color pink sooo much.
    We haven't been to the zoo in months now! But after seeing this post I feel like going this weekend!
    Thank you Amy!
    Elsita :)

  5. did you know that our house (rental) has an astroturf front lawn? even more shocking is that Z and I LOVE it. pretty fantastic, eh?

  6. Fun stuff! I've missed out on a bunch of posts. I just love seeing pictures of June, she's so sweet!

  7. The weather has kept us from the zoo here. We went once last summer when the Bean was about a year but she didn't quite "get" looking for the animals. She was more intrigued by all the people around her, especially the other kids. But we'll try again this spring which should be more exciting now that she knows some animal sounds!

    Hey Junie, I love the elephants too.

  8. Looks like a wonderful day! We took our little scamps to the zoo on saturday and they just thought it was magical....Dee x


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