Life Around Here

This post is about our domestic life. Little scenes around the house. Things we are doing and things June is learning.

The weather is getting warmer, and it is the best time of year here in Tucson. Nice temps - not too hot. We've been busy working on the house. It seems the effort to keep it clean is endless. That and keep up with the yard work. We barely manage either, and the clutter is out of control. Every project completed is very satisfying.

{Discarded socks. Mom's hairs on the floor, ew!}

June is showing more and more personality all the time. Today at the grocery store she was obsessed with the Crocs display. She carried around two pairs of different color blue crocs in her size and did not want to let go of those for anything.

{The cutest shoe pile ever.}

She's been napping well lately - I hope I do not jinx it by documenting it.

Despite the falls, she seems to have a cautious nature. Outside, she will crawl when she reaches the steps of our patio. She also walks around the house for the most part, but ... we have thresholds in most of the doorways because our floor is not level. And whenever she gets to a doorway she reaches over and holds on to the side of the wall for support as she traverses the wood plank obstacle. That's the way to describe it - it is a baby obstacle course around here.

{Toys, messy mat...}
We've gotten rid of the colorful alphabet mat. That thing was being pulled apart by Miss June so frequently that it was annoying. Plus, it was hard to clean.

Last night at bedtime I was telling June, "it's time to go night night. Daddy will have to give you a kiss in bed." She was walking beside me into the bedroom, and at hearing that she turned herself around, walked over to her dad, gave him a kiss, and walked back to the bedroom. That was a major first.

She loves books. The other night I was reading her one of her favorites, the very busy spider, and I realized she could say most of the animal sounds in the book. The only one I haven't heard her say is "moo." I wish I could record her rooster sound. It goes, "doodle doodle-oo." She will repeat that one to herself. Oh, and when she wants to read that book she will pick it up, carry it to me, and say "neigh neigh" which is the first line with animals in the book. Pretty neat. It makes me so proud.

{Outside of a restaurant, June found the only pile of dirt to be found and, well you see.}

She loves my toothbrush and calls it a "boop-buh."

She just started drinking juice now and then. Her appetite has grown.. and so has she. I can't wait until her 15 month doctor's appointment to see how tall she is now.

Nighttime sleep has been patchy lately. I hope it is just a phase. Though she got two new molars recently (total is up to four) so that may be the culprit. I have been exhausted. And starting to feel like I am ready to give up all the night time nursing. Maybe.


  1. Magical and exhausting time!

    It takes a lot out of you, doesn't it? But gives so much more.

    She's a doll!

  2. I remember how much I loved that age that June is. Those little tiny shoes and socks are so sweet.

  3. Ariel bought a little digital recorder when Isaac was little and we have a lot of recordings of them talking, singing, throwing a was totally worth the investment. In some ways I love the recordings more than their photos.

  4. Ooh a digital recorder - that's a great idea. I enjoy the video option on our camera, but that is about it for sound.

  5. What a sweet glimpse into what is going on with you and your cute little one. I love the mommy aspect of your blog... good info for what I have coming in the very near future!

  6. hooray! I'm glad she likes the very busy spider!
    I love catching up with y'all every few weeks here. Hooray!

  7. What a sweet post! I love this stage, where you start to see that they watch you and want to copy you. That they hear your voice and understand what you say. How cute that she gave her daddy a kiss at bedtime!

  8. It makes me feel better about my messes to see others' messes :) I love June in the dirt.

    It is hard getting used to the clutter, but it is also impossible to eliminate the clutter. If we could just wholly embrace it now and know that we'll miss it when they're all grown up. Yeah, that's what I'll do! Here's me embracing clutter & chaos. Sigh.

  9. Oh Tara, I feel you.

    Embracing the clutter. All the time.

  10. You will miss the clutter, some day.

    All my kids are travelling for spring break, I cleaned the house...I'm sad!

    Clean, but sad!


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