Fifteen Months Old

June, this is your DA DA!

Oh, the joys of fatherhood;
I would love to count the ways.
I'd speak of fleeting months,
And endless, exhausting days.

I'd love to have your energy Kiddo,
you have irrepressible curiosity.

And your joy is nothing short of inspiring.
Makes me scared for severe ADD!

All your days are lived to the fullest,
Playing ball with the dog, sneaking Tings.
And your mom, she feels your pull.
As for me, hell, I'll try even try this poetry thing.

Nice face turkey.

I ultimately feel so proud.
Sorry the poem is so bad,
Blame your mom, not your dad.


  1. That was incredibly sweet. I love the pictures and the poem.

  2. OMG lookit that face! I laughed so hard. Good thing my boss isn't here yet. But he's got a little one too and would probably join me. :-)

    Yay June! And Adam looks good with a clean shaven face!

  3. Gosh, I can't believe she's 15 months already. What a lucky girl to have the two of you for parents. :-)

  4. June has such an expressive face!

    Little future actress, I'd say....

    Cutie pie!

  5. Adam, you may be the cutest dad ever. by the way, what did June think of your 'stache?


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