Here is a picture of our sweetheart, early this morning. We went out to breakfast with some friends. June apparently was hungry for chips, and wasn't interested in waiting 'til we got to the restaurant.

Our pantry is just a set of shelves and the Junie snacks are all near the bottom, just above her toys. It is not like she isn't allowed to help herself, it is just that she has never tried before. Until today. I love the look on her face.


  1. LOL

    It's like she sees realizes a seachange has occurred....is it good? Bad?

    She has stolen power!

    How did you respond?

  2. The look on her face IS priceless! She's just taken another step to independence.

  3. Oh I just giggled and reached for the camera. And called Adam to come have a look. I think she was surprised that I made a big deal out of it (by simply noticing it) really.

    I love those pictures on other blogs of babies who climb up onto counters and get the chocolate down... but thank god we're not at that point yet!

  4. Oh, yeah, I had one climber, and it was scary!

  5. She has such an expressive face, I love it!

  6. Cute! This picture makes me miss the baby days... *sigh*

  7. HAHAHA!

    That's hilarious. Good baby.

    Where do you keep the vodka? ;-)


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