the Potty Training decision

Well, now that I have heard from many of you I am going to continue to parent according to what feels right. And what feels right is to wait a bit longer before beginning any potty training. I'd rather have a short effective training than a slower one. And aside from a small knowledge of when she is "going" ... June just doesn't seem ready yet.

Thanks for chiming in on this topic everybody!


  1. I agree. Smart decision!

  2. Yes, smart choice.

    Good to talk issues with other parents, too.

    I've changed some things I do after advice, but most good advice tells you to listen to your heart....

  3. there ya go. it's nice to get input when you ask for it :)

  4. I haven't read the comments on the post below (I will, once I hit publish)but it seems to me that there's a window around 17 months for girls, and it they appear interested in it, that you can actually potty train them at that time. After that time, then it shows up again around three.

    So they say.

    Best to follow your own instincts!

    Jess, daughter Rosey, 3yrs 5 months, in a nightly pull up and with occasional wet accidents on the days she doesn't go to pre-school.

  5. Look, I already commented. Not really, but the other tara said exactly what I would have said. You'll know and she'll know when it's right. As if it matters whether a child potty trains at 13 months or 23? And if you're like me, you have enough self-doubt anyway without worrying about what other people think.

    But I digress. June is adorable walking around.

  6. yr doing just great with all yr choices
    and GREEN grass my god- I am jealous!

  7. Um...reading the post year?? Whatever! The parent is trained at that point, not the child. At around two Anya was trained and it was a pain because she needed help everytime she went. It's much better when they are closer to three and can actually do it themselves for the most part.


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