Walking Practice

I couldn't seem to get a photo of the actual steady walking she's doing, but you get the idea of the fun we have! This morning June said "apple" and she also said "quack quack." Pretty cool. This week she learned to give high fives.

She has also had some deep and contagious belly laughs. Once when Adam was squirting me with her medicine syringe in the bathtub. And then this morning as the cat batted at string I was playing with.

I am amazed at how quickly she is learning things and gaining coordination. Two weeks ago she could hardly maneuver her walking lion, now she scoots it all around and all over the house.

I want to record that she loves to burrow the crown of her head against something when she is sleeping. She will push forward in the bed until she has a pillow (stuffed against the wall the way we set it up) that she can shove her head into.

And she just delights in doing big person things. So much love. Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. She is precious and so happy looking!

    Wonder what makes stuff funny to them, at this age?

    Oh, and that burrowing thing--my youngest had that, and I slept with her, nursing, till she was pretty old, resting the crook of my arm around her head.

    My friends and I determined, or read, or something, that some babies like that because of the pressure on the head in the womb in late pregnancy.

  2. How lovely June is!I just can't think of a thing filled with more joy than the belly laugh of a baby. There are commercials running now about living longer, investing, etc & each one begins with something like guy singing, then they say singing adds 4 years to your life. Now there are 3 different ones that for the 1st 30 seconds you see a baby going wild with deep belly laughter! It cracks us up each time. Then they say laughter adds 8 years to your life. So keep on laughing!

    Oh how simple things are when we are a young child. It takes so little to please us. I wish I had Billy & Sarah on film with giggles & belly laughter. But the video cam didn't come into our lives till 1994 when I was in the same talent show with each of them...10 minutes apart & different costumes. Glad that made it onto film or I wouldn't believe it!

    Many thanks for sharing your family with us. Sarah is 21 & is getting into looking at all the pictures. Just love June caught in mid walk! :)

  3. Christy: thanks for the info about the pressure on the head. That makes good sense actually. Plus, lots of times when she nurses she is in the crook of my arm like you described, which would make sense for it persisting so long as it has.

    Debbie: oh yes, planning on keeping the laughter going for a long time. Do you have any online photos I could see?

  4. Amy-
    Yes I have a MySpace page with pics of my grown children, my parents & I. Not sure if I feel comfortable posting address on the blog though.

  5. Debbie, that makes perfect sense. I wouldn't feel comfortable with that either. Another time perhaps, over email.

  6. June is darling. Spencer burrows his head too in his crib, too. Some nights it looks painful because he rests it right up against the crib walls. But his head is always touching something.

  7. love love love it that June is wearing a black t-shirt with a skull on it. rock on, babycakes!


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