Before Becoming a Parent ::

I never thought I would willingly touch another person's boogers, let alone automatically do so and without a second's thought.

Adam and I have even passed June's boogers to one another to deal with.

It's gross. It really is.


  1. I once read an interview with Francis Mcdormand when she talked about how parenting was very strange - that her son once literally threw up in her hand and she didn't even blink. Okay. That was kind of gross, too.

  2. My Mom tells this story about when they first had my sister (the oldest) she got really sick and threw up all over herself. My Dad just jumped up and got in the shower with her, puke and all. It may have been snot or diarrhea; point being, we just take it all don't we?

    And my mom was so impressed with my dad. I love hearing that in her voice.

  3. First of all, I'm forever picking my babies' noses and it is rather gross but I can't help it.

    Second of all, your baby picture looks JUST like June!!!

    Finally, I just want to relay something my pediatrician told me when Teagan was going to cow's milk. I, too, was worried because she didn't seem to care for it that much. But the doc told me that most kids eat so much cheese it's really not that big a deal if they don't like to drink milk. So just try to make sure June eats some cheese, yogurt, etc, and drinks water, and don't worry so much! (Easier said than done, I know.)

  4. Thanks Tara. I am chilling out on the cow's milk worry. She drinks lots of other fluids, and she ADORES cheese. :)

  5. I always thought the injuries were gross--good thing I'm going into nursing, huh?

    We had a kid visiting get hurt and I had to struggle to remain calm so she wouldn't panic. Big gash on her face, chin actually.

    Oh, and one of my kids had a prolapsed rectum once. EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Hard to look at.

  6. Oh gosh Christy, I didn't know a rectum could prolapse. I think I will continue in ignorance until need be!

  7. I had never heard of it either. You can imagine my shock when I saw it.

    It self-rectified--pardon the pun--and the child is now totally fine, btw.

    She got it from straining to "go", and had to cut out any food that might be binding and take cod liver oil for a long time.

    But, let's just say....EEEEEWWWWWWW

  8. I can't believe the gross things I do now as part of being a parent. I still can't do those things for other kids, but for mine, I don't even blink!

  9. Its a life changer isn't it - when you realise that dealing with your little persons bodily functions comes as natural as dealing with your own!!


  10. Oh well said Dee. That is exactly it.

  11. I dunno ... I'm still a big wimp at the diapers :) but I'm hoping little boy peeis good for the skin... or something....

  12. Ha! I think urea is actually an ingredient in several lotions...


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