Family Resemblance

I just came across this photo of myself taken when I was ten months old. I've been showing it to people and at first they've all thought it was June! Here is a picture of her at ten months old as well.


  1. OMG!


    You DO look alike.....except you remind me of Clint Eastwood in some old Western....."Say that with a smile, pardner...."

  2. Christy, you are amazingly fast at commenting. I can't believe it.

    The photo of me was taken at the beach. Obviously after eating some dirt. :)

    Adam has already said that June is probably cuter than me...

  3. Oh, you are both cuter than heck....

    I probably should curb my warped sense of humor...

    I just could picture you in a saloon in the old west with a hat and a bandanna.

    Actually, I like pictures of kids with dirt, cake, paint....always make me laugh, and makes me feel the kid had a healthy childhood.

  4. It took me a minute to figure out which one was June and which one was you. It was the subtle differnce of the photo quality that helped, one looking more like an older photo.

    Two beautiful babies, that's for sure!


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