Still so teeny

Perhaps it is that she is learning to walk, or because her face has been slowing changing into that of a little girl instead of a baby but, oft times I forget that she is still so teeny.

Here is a reminder:


  1. This is now?

    Wow. She looks SO little!

    Could be that crunched up yoga-like position. What I wouldn't give for that hip flexibility!

  2. Yes, this was taken in a king-sized bed we slept in on our trip. We couldn't get over how little she looked.

  3. She looks like a little newborn in that picture, very cute.

  4. enjoy every minute of your precious babygirl. you blink and they are wearing more eyeshadow than you do.

    (thank you for visiting my blog, girlita!)

  5. Thanks ladies.

    But can anyone tell me how she manages to take up the whole bed!! It sure feels that way sometimes. We're working on a new sleep plan right now. Cheers to more sleep.

  6. Thanks for posting on my blog! Your little one is SO cute. I LOVE when they sleep like that - it's so deceptive that something so little can hog up so much room.

    We are hoping to transfer our little one into her own room/bed this month but I know already it will be a long slow process. Good luck with your own transitions and please do keep me posted on your new sleeping arrangements!

    Cheers to more and better sleep!

  7. How sweet! This picture brought tears to my eyes. Maybe because our girls are so close in age?

  8. Thanks for sharing everybody. Jen: I bet it is the closeness in age. It'll be fun to read your blog and watch your daughter grow.

  9. I have the same feeling when I see her standing beside her father, or standing beside me in pictures. She's so short!


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