13 Months Old

*Inspired by this blog, I will be writing little monthly letters to June.

Little June, you are a delight to be around. You have us wrapped around your little fingers and we will never let go. More literally, you are often hanging on to two of ours as you continue learning to walk. Sometimes I ask myself if I am too cautious with you, and if this is holding you back. I think it is good to ask myself this now, as I am sure I'll need to be asking myself similar questions as you grow up. I hope that I always support you, and I that I don't interfere too much with your exploration.

This morning you waved "bye-bye" to Daddy without any prompting. It was sweet as can be. I love the way your language is developing. At daycare you have said "all done" whilst being fed and you SANG and danced along to La Bamba. I wish I could have been there. Each morning begins with you waking and listing some of your words. Usually it is "kitty" or "woof woof woof." Sometimes it is "up." Other days you wake up very crabby.

At night you still cry out with the most forlorn, pained cry. It tells me you want to nurse. I wonder how one so well-attended-to can have such a sad little cry. Though last night I am sure you were too hot in your built-in-feet pajamas.

You crawl to me and say, "up" at least ten times a day. I carry you around, and you want to reach for all of the things I do. Particularly my toothbrush.

Your Daddy and I finally caved in and filled the house with baby things. You now have a foam alphabet mat, a little house and a riding, singing lion to learn to walk with. This is no longer a grown up house. This is a house filled with toys. The transformation was a late Christmas present from your parents, since your grandparents already spoiled you rotten. I was having some toy envy after visiting friends. While you love the toys, you love being held more. And Mommy loves that.

You make us laugh every day. The other night you came home from day care (which you love) with a funny new dance where you stomp your feet. We mimicked you and you squealed with laughter. Which reminds me, I think the funniest thing you've ever seen is me throwing a tennis ball for the dog and her bringing it back. I did this with you in my arms and you busted a gut. I, of course, do anything I can to make you laugh. Repeatedly.

The other night you went for a walk with your Dad and fell asleep. Here are some photos. People were asking if you were alive in there.

We love you baby. Cheers to watching you grow!



  1. This is such a sweet letter to your girl. I love the photos and now I've got a bad case of wanting another baby :)

  2. I thought it was like hearing a sweet sigh, you saying you'd given up the house to June.

    Between that and listening to you question yourself--it sounds like you're being shaken to the roots with love.

    Or pruned.

    Or both!

    Maybe taken to the thrashing room to separate wheat from chaff. Do kids thrash away our pretenses?

    She's a beautiful girl, regardless of your take on it....

  3. Awwwwww, so cute!
    And Dawn...me too! Xxx

  4. Shaken to the roots I think. It is awesomely powerful.

  5. Precious, just precious, what a sweet beautiful babe...


    PS I used to carry Joshy round in my ergo just like yours! Oh memories!!


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