Twelve Days of June :: Three Months

I have very little time today, as Adam has been very ill and Miss June is clingy today.

Here she is, three months of wonder:

Some journal snippets:
"You are now the quintessential baby. Sleeping a lot, talking a lot (new sounds all the time) and fairly content to sit, cuddle, and nurse."

"You can already roll over from tummy to back."

"Adam finally got brave enough to cut your fingernails the other day. I am still too scared."


  1. That's so weird. My husband always cut the girls' nails as I was too scared.

    So sweet!

    She is a doll!

  2. I am STILL afraid to cut her nails. :)

  3. What a sweet idea, 12 months of June. Isn't it weird how fast you forget what they were like at one month, two months, three months...they change so fast! You're right, Teagan is a GIRL now, no more baby face. I don't know if it is a coincidence that happened around Aidan being born, or if she seems so much older now that I have a baby again. And you're lucky you were able to wait 3 months to trim those fingernails! I've been trimming Aidan's at least once a week since practically the beginning. It's a wonder he doesn't have more hair the way his nails grow! Happy holidays to you!!!

  4. I should clarify, we needed to cut June's nails many times prior. But luckily they would just sort of peel off when they got too long. As she got older they firmed up and had to be clipped.

    I am impressed you can clip his nails. It must be so sweet getting to know him.

  5. wow, amy. She already looks so much like herself!

  6. Ginna!! Thanks for commenting. It is true - even at three months she looks the same. :)


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