Twelve Days of June :: 4 Months

From Daddy:
"Four months to the day. We've had some major breakthroughs. April 10th you giggled at me early in the morning. Now in the evening of the 12th, you stuck your foot in your own mouth."

From Mom:
"Baby June, sometimes I still have to put my finger under your nose to make sure you're still breathing you sleep so soundly. I love you so much."


  1. This is fun, the twelve days of June! Seeing her change, like time-lapse photography a bit with narration.

    Is it universal for parents to think the one year mark is the magic time to stop checking the breath?

    Btw, I was glad to see you are still nursing. Such an easy way to bond, so right, so natural.

  2. Thanks Christy! It is nice to have my first, non-anonymous comment from you.

    Oh yes, I love nursing. But I think that I am going to stop pumping next month, which will mean daytime weaning at least. However, she's always been a heavy reverse cycler (nighttime feeder) so I think she'll still be getting a lot of breastmilk.
    Man, I could talk a LOT about nursing.


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  4. Oh brother, I bet I could talk at least as much!

    I slept with my last and nursed for almost 2 years. But the others were weaned before a year--the first because of working, the second because she got ill and needed to be hospitalized, and it just got complicated.

    I'm not too dogmatic about it, though. Timing of nursing, or even nursing itself. I always just have a personal opinion, and never think it is gospel.

    Wasn't a fan of the pumping, btw. Moo!! But I didn't have to, as I was home except for part-time in the library at that time.

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  6. Christy, sorry to be slow with the responses... I am on a deadline with a paper over here.
    Thanks for all of your comments. As you'll notice in my next post, June sleeps with us. It wasn't planned, but it works out so very well. I just hope the transfer to her toddler bed goes as planned. But really, I wouldn't have it any other way. It is so much fun.

  7. Don't worry about answering! I'm studying, too. And tonight is the first night of Hanukkah, not ready!

    (But I am still new to blogging, so I let that take precedence to all this, unfortunately.)

    I'm a big fan of the family bed. Unfortunately, my husband was not! Caused a rift, and I ultimately slept on the couch with Sarah, to avoid fights. You're lucky your husband is on board.

    I guess I could have compromised more--I don't want to make Bill sound like an ass--and I have a very sharp tongue and occasionally mule-like demeanor, so....

    btw, the comments deleted were an accidental copy and an explanation of the accidental copy!


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