Twelve Days of June :: 2 Months

The biggest event when June turned two months old was that she smiled at us. Sweetly, happily, smiled at us. That made all the long nights of broken sleep worth it. It helped too when she started to get colicky. Somewhere in there she'd look us in the eyes and smile at us.

Another big thing about this time period was that only Adam had the magic touch to get June to sleep. He had some way of spastically bouncing his arm that lulled her to dreamland. Here is evidence.

Some of Adam's words in the journal:
"Happy Days are here! Oh you are getting so big. Big girls smile, talk, chew on their knuckles (you like your left hand to suck on, Daddy hopes you are left handed.)"

His words make me remember that June wasn't the closed-fist type baby. Instead her hands were open from the beginning, and she would swim them in the air in front of her. That made my mom happy.


  1. I'm loving the 12 days of June. I miss talking to you every day and I am having to resist wanting to request some of your time right now. I keep reminding myself that there will be lots of time once your finals are over and I don't want to take away what is already scarce, I'm sure. But know that I am here every day, keeping up, and looking forward to catching up once finals are over.

  2. Amy,

    Thanks for inspiring me to start a blog! Here it is:

    Your ole' pal, anonymous.

  3. Open-fisted from the beginning! Sounds like mountain climber, free spirit! Will be interesting to see if there is any personality correlation. (Sez Dr. Over-Analyzer, sweet moment killer!)

  4. Amy,
    I agree how nice it has been to get to know you a bit through the most impersonal of venues, the internet...every time I see a picture of June it gives me such a nice warm, feeling. She is so beautiful and you can see such a sense of humor in her eyes. At least I can.


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