Twelve Days of June :: 8 Months

"You like to lay on your belly and kick one leg so it thumps the floor. You don't like getting dressed. You've started to reach for my skin and roll it between your thumb and first finger to comfort yourself. It is like a pinch. You don't like carrot baby food. You love these little rubber duckies your Nana Becky sent for you. You love your bath and you love playtime with Daddy. You love toys in general. You say 'mama' and 'dada' an awful lot. You love to smile and flirt with people but are still afraid of strangers holding you."

This picture I love because it shows June's fascination with making brr-dum brr-dum noises with her mouth.

Can you tell we got a new camera this month?

As for the present, June has been sleeping really well lately. But she's had this vomiting thing lately, and today my fear is that the orange peel she was eating last week formed an obstruction in her belly. I'm waiting on a return call from the nurse. Day care just called, and June woke up from a nap and vomited. Will I ever get any studying done?



  1. Thanks for stopping by! Tara sent me over to your blog a few weeks ago and I have been reading over your 12 days of June... so CUTE!!

    I knew Brit and Slade also, Tara and I were both sad when they moved away (Tara felt it quite a bit more than me!)

    I'm anxious for my little one to be born, but love being pregnant. It is so hard seeing everyone else's cute babies.

  2. I don't know how you feel about this, but June might be a model.

    I know we don't want our girls to feel objectified, but hey, she's got "it", I think.

    Really cute.

  3. June has the most enormous, beautiful eyes! I'm so sorry about the puking. Could an orange peel do that? How awful. I hope it sorts out soon for you!

  4. Thanks ladies. I of course can't stop taking pictures of her.
    Christy: we used to get the "gerber baby" comment all the time, so much that Adam would proudly declare (though joking) how we were going to have her become a model.

  5. She is a beauty, and I do wonder how physical beauties stay morally sound.

    But, maybe she could use her power for good.

    There was an old movie, "The Trouble with Angels" and part of the subplot was that a girl in a Catholic boarding school is moved by a beautiful nun that goes to work with the lepers.....

    It is schlocky, and I cry EVERY TIME. Of course, it is of my era, not yours....but it's a good example of female relationships in that era.

    June could be that strong, beauty.


  6. I had to look up schlocky and it is a new favorite word. And I put the trouble with angels on my netflix list.
    My secret confession is that almost every Sandra Bullock movie (like Hope Floats for example) makes me cry.
    If June grows into a great beauty, I think that she will be alright. But I do know what you mean. I know I struggled with not wanting to be just a face when I was younger, and I feel bad for women who just get stared at. These words are not quite enough but will have to do for now. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I think I actually meant the movie was schmaltzy! (overyly sentimental, maudlin, at times).

    My Yiddish isn't what it could be!

    Yes, you will have to blog about how beauty issues felt for you as a girl, because it will REALLY affect how you guide June.

    (I need to blog about that too...)

  8. Gosh, Amy!

    I didn't even mention that you were concerned about an obstruction!

    Did it come out OK? No pun intended.

    I did find this (I'm sure you've thoroughly researched it, too, but)

    "Vomiting. Small-bowel obstructions usually cause vomiting. The vomit is usually green if the obstruction is in the upper small intestine and brown if it is in the lower small intestine."

    Does this fit?

    Large bowel obstructions don't cause vomiting, apparently.

  9. Thanks Christy, but not to worry. Her nurse said that orange peel is too soft for an obstruction. And my new theory is that the vomiting/diarrhea is due to her molars coming in. But who knows really. Luckily, she seems to be feeling better this weekend. (Though the worries never end, of course, as she finishes her latest round of antibiotics and I watch for her ears to remain infected or for more flippin' thrush.)

  10. Good that she is better! I am in school for nursing, so I thought it was weird if I didn't comment!

    Figured an orange peel wouldn't do that myself, but I don't like making light of a parent's concerns. Plus, I'm not a nurse yet!

    I was so sorry to hear about your candida woes, as well! I worked at a health food store part time for years, and I heard so many bad stories about that. Never heard of it before that.

    Sounds like you're trying all the regular things. One good aspect to having it (easy for me to say) is that the proposed diet is SO healthy!


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