Twelve Days of June :: 7 Months

"'The days are long and the years fly by.' You are such a sweet, loving child and you are a joy to be around, much less to help into the world. In short, I love you and am flattered you chose us for parents. I'm sure when you are old enough to read this, it'll feel like only yesterday that I wrote it. Many giggles and much love, Dad."

"I begin to understand why moms always miss their babies. This is a very sweet and fun time for all of us. I'll always love you as you grow, discovering who you are is lots of fun. Hearts and smiles, Mom."


  1. I think that 2nd picture is the cutest thing I've ever seen! What a little angel!

    You are lucky she chose you.

  2. Thanks. :)
    For some reason I'm not being notified of comments. Good thing I am obsessive and check my own blog all the time!


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