Twelve Days of June :: 6 Months

"Your first tooth popped out just before you turned seven months." [It was one of the center teeth on the bottom, the second one emerged a day or two later.]

"Towards evening you like to kiss us. You like to be held up right near our faces and open your mouth and get our noses, cheeks, etc. It is very fun, and silly when we are out in public."

"You are still a very big baby. At your six month doctor's appointment you weighed 19 pounds and had grown 3 inches since birth. You are in the 90th percentiles for weight and head size, and the 85th for length."

We ought to call you travelin' baby because for most of June 2007 we traveled around - from Tucson to Payette, Idaho, and back again. It was a beautiful trip. I would pump in the backseat next to you and give you bottles. We realize now it was a well-timed trip since you no longer tolerate the car very well. Plus, you still slept a lot more back then.


  1. That picture on the precipice (nearly) is incredible. Her blase look says, "I'm the wonder, not this stanky old canyon!"

    Like she has seen it all before in some other lifetime.

    Just great!

  2. I love 12 days of June. That canyon picture is amazing! I love that you've been making such great notes to June as she grows up. I didn't write enough down for Teagan, and it breaks my heart the things I've forgotten. Keep it up, you won't regret it!

  3. Tracy @ lagerandlime.typepad.com05 December, 2007 13:47

    I love the 12 Days of June concept - it's fun to watch her grow especially since I wasn't reading your blog when she was younger. I love that big round head of hers - so adorable.


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