Twelve Days of June :: 5 Months

"In the mornings you wake us up by reaching out with your hand to touch our faces. This morning you made your Dad smile so big I couldn't believe it."

"You are doing all kinds of things now. About two weeks ago you were obsessed with rolling onto your belly. Now you seem to prefer it to your back. You are very social and you smile and laugh a lot. You are teething and sometimes you chew the air. You love your toys, you love being with people, and you really love to be outside."

"Your Daddy is singing to you right now, it is a Pink Floyd song. Now he is cleaning your nose."

"You have a way of smiling where it seems that we are sharing a secret."


  1. Pink Floyd! OMG!

    The kids were weaned on that!

    Too funny! Sarah's going to a faux Floyd show with a friend and her mom soon. The mom was thrilled to find a kid so knowlegeable about the band. LOL

    I may go too.....hmmm.

  2. Well, I should say something back Christy, but looking at my post all I can think is, "oh my husband is so handsome." What a lucky lady am I.

  3. He is!

    And such good taste in music!

    (I'll eventually learn to focus on the blog entry and not personalize it, now that I have an outlet....sorry! Rookie mistake?)

  4. Your husband looks SO cute and nice. Do you plan more kids?

  5. I don't know if we'll have more kids - the idea is more appealing on some days than others! Not anytime soon that is for sure.

    Oh and please do personalize your responses. It doesn't have to be all about me! I like the connections/things in common, that is what is so fun with blogging I think.

  6. Thanks Amy.

    I simply don't have the perfunctory "That's great" response in me.

    Not that they are all bad! Shows someone cared enough to read.

    I just fear becoming my her soul...If I told her I had a cold? Then she'd start saying, "You know, back in '55 *I* had a bad cold....." and she never heard anyone else.

    I found it infuriating and sad.

    Jesus! Am I doing it again???!!!

    I better study...LOL


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