Happy Halloween!

I actually found a moment in the morning to write. It feels great. I'm sipping tea and waiting for June to wake up. The mornings here in Tucson have finally cooled, which cools our house as well. It feels great that it is less than 80 degrees in here. [I miss seasons so, so much.]

So I am going to write about something that may bore you all, whoever you may be. But it is time I outed myself as a wannabe knitter/crafter/sewer/artist. Sadly, since we moved from Alaska I have not been able to complete a single one of my projects. So I force myself to avoid craft stores. Except sometimes. And well, this is why. I buy stuff. But who could resist this book?

"Alterknits" by Leigh Radford. I love the way that it is bound; preserving ease of use and still having a pretty picture on the front.

But what sold me were the ideas. Most of all I want to make these fingerless gloves. Adam gave me the idea that when I make them I can substitute leather cord for the ribbon. I think that is a good idea. I even have all the supplies to make some.

But the gloves wouldn't be enough. The ideas inside are ingenious. She shows how to make a rug out of old t-shirts:

How to make a knitted WINDOW SCREEN...

And, not pictured here, are some other ideas including things made of knitted metal thread like jewelry. It really is a great book. And there have to be lots of wannabes out there so that the books can be published right? I'll get there someday.

Here is me the other day. Hallelujah for nursing, eh? ;)

Happy Halloween!

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