Day of the Dead Procession

I have missed this blog more than anyone else I am sure. Nearly every day I have wished I had time to write something, but it just hasn't happened. It goes to show how little "me time" I have that the blog can't top my priority list, even if I wanted it to. June had high fevers all last week and was very fussy. I think she is also going through a sleep regression. Then on Saturday we went to an Indian food buffet and I got food poisoning. Ugh. I haven't ever had food poisoning before so now I have new empathy for others. It is misery.

Well this weekend my Dad was here visiting. (Awful timing on the sickness for sure.) But we had fun nonetheless, especially June who was able to crawl around in a very shallow pool with rotationally spraying geysers. I was napping and wish I hadn't missed it, but from all reports it was quite fun.

This Sunday we celebrated Tucson's annual Day of the Dead procession. It was hard to get good snapshots of the actual procession because of the crowds - people were always walking in front of the camera. I hope you like these.

My favorite photo... the two Fridas!

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