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I want to be a little bit better about sharing and documenting photos.  Time goes by so quickly.  I am hopeful that I can keep this up once a month.  Maybe next time I will try to get all chronological and fancy... Ha!

If you click on the photos, it will take you to my flickr page.  You should be able to see a few more photos there.

Just being June.
A little Pre-School Adventure action.

Reflection of Trees
Trees in reflection.  Sort of.

The Back of the Alphabet Cards
I finished the back of the alphabet cards.

Mall rides
Mall time on a cold day.  They have these rides for the kids that are worth it for 50 cents.
Such a sweet little lipstick lover.
Um, can I wake you up now?
My boy.
Window drawing
Drawing on the storm door.  She loves it.
Too much TV
In summer, I hope we don't do this so much.
Adam went on a night urban assault ride with his buddies.
Adam's Valentine.
Sick boy on the couch.
Asleep on the couch.  Home sick.

Make Up Girls
Make Up Girls.  Need I say more?
My name
June writes my name on everything.
Adam rebuilt the table
Adam fixed the table.  There are still a few gaps, but it is waaay better.
Bubbles weren't happening
We were blowing bubbles out on the porch and Miles immediately dumped all of his liquid.
He does it every time.

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